McGrath Nurseries


Staff recruited from Kiribati through the RSE scheme are the key to managing our summer labour requirements. Many of these RSE workers return each year and bring with them the skills and knowledge gained in previous years, making them work-ready on arrival. Their English language skills keep improving each year and make communication easy.


We have employed staff from Kiribati each summer for the past 6 years and plan to continue. They are invaluable to our business and provide us with reliable labour at a crucial time.
We love working with them. They bring fun and a great attitude to the work site.


We look forwarding to welcoming them back each year.


2016: Staff enjoying an ice block during their lunch break.

Southern Paprika


“Southern Paprika Ltd is a large grower and exporter of capsicum located in Warkworth, north of  Auckland, New Zealand. We operate 23ha of glasshouse and a busy packhouse facility. We require RSE workers to help in our busy export season and the annual pull out of our old crop and replant of new seedlings. We have found our Kiribati RSE workers extremely hard working, reliable with their attendance and keen to do any job asked of them. We have been hiring RSE workers since 2009 and continue to rely on them for 9 months of the year when we cannot find enough local workers to help with our peak season workload”.




We would like to express our thanks to our Kiribati employees. They have been employed with us since 2008 for a period of 9 months per year.

They have always been conscientious, polite and are always happy to carry out any duties assigned to them. They are very hard working people and we are happy to have them back in our employment for the coming year.


Mr Apple


“ We have employed Kiribati women in our pack houses for the last five years. These women have proved to be reliable, conscientious and committed. It is a pleasure working with them and we will continue to employ them.”


Nimaroi Tabeti


This is my 4th year as an RSE worker for Mr Apple. I make good money and used most of it to build our family home. My next goal is to buy a vehicle for my family. Every week I send money home and last year I’ve managed to send home NZD$6,000. Thanks to the RSE scheme!


Teakin Karawe


I am grateful to be part of the RSE scheme for seven years now. The RSE scheme has helped built our family house in Kiribati; I’ve managed to start a small business such as Truck Hire. It’s a wonderful scheme to be part of and I would like to thank Seasonal Solution Cooperative Ltd very much for the opportunity.


Binaua Kaiekieki


The RSE scheme has helped me in supporting my family in terms of financial support for my kid’s school fees. It also provides me with understanding of how the NZ lived. I appreciated for being part of scheme, and my big thanks to Woodhaven Gardens Ltd for this opportunity.


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