Pre – Selection

Ministry’s Screening

Final Selection

This is the very first step where candidates from each island register their names through their island councils. First screening is carried out from the registration list by an island council’s Pre-Selection Committee and eligible candidates’ names forwarded to the Ministry for further screening.

Forwarded candidates’ names from each island council are screened further by the Employment Section where specific criteria are reviewed for each candidate.

Successful candidates will undergo pre departure program which is jointly delivered by the Ministry’s institutes known as Marine Training Center (MTC) and Kiribati Institute of Technology (KIT). Some of the core components include employability skills such as communication skills, learning to work in cultural diversity, leadership and teamwork, personal hygiene and work health and safety, goal setting. This would further add value to the quality of workers and also give them more readiness and confidence in dealing with issues and challenges within their new work environment.

Upon their return each worker is debriefed by the Ministry where they were interviewed about their job and their goals which they had been worked for.


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Recruitment process for the two schemes is carried out through vigilant, fair and competitive criteria to acquire best/qualified workers and to meet employers’ demands and preferences. This is done by both the island councils and the Ministry and it is summarised as an end-to- end process stated below:




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